Annual General Meeting


Every parent/guardian of a Tredway Woodsworth student is a “Member at Large” (aka “member”) of the School Advisory Council. You are welcomed to attend any Council meeting, volunteer at Council events, and receive information about Council activities and decisions. By participating in Council you will:

Meet other parents/guardians at Tredway Woodsworth

Meet Tredway Woodsworth staff members, Principal, and Vice Princiapal.

Be aware of (and involved in decision making) related to issues at Tredway Woodsworth, upcoming fundraising events, and decisions about
funding priorities.

Gain knowledge and insight into Provincial and TDSB priorities and policy changes.


Furthermore, by indicating on this form your desire to participate in School Council and attending occasional council meetings, you will be deemed a “Voting Member” of Council and eligible to vote on any significant issues that may arise over the course of the school year.

Parents/Guardians who are interested in taking an even more involved role on Council are encouraged to consider putting forward themselves as a candidate for one of the SAC Executive positions (“Executive Member”) that include:


·         Chair; Co-chair; Secretary (and designate); Treasurer (and designate); Fundraising Co-ordinator; Communications Co-ordinator.


If the number of candidates is less than the number of positions to be filled, the candidates shall be acclaimed.  Where there is more than one name proposed for any particular position, a vote will be held to determine the successful candidate.  If an election is required, it will be held at the school, during the next School Council Meeting on Monday, October 3, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.   If not enough candidates come forward the Council shall proceed to operate ensuring parent majority exists.

Who is Eligible for the School Council?

  • Parents and guardians of students enrolled at Tredway Woodsworth P.S. shall form the majority of the Council.
  • Community representatives from local businesses and/or social service agencies may be appointed to the Council.
  • From 1 to 3 teachers are elected by the teaching staff to sit on the Council.
  • The Principal of Tredway Woodsworth P.S. shall be a designated member of the Council.

What is the Term of Office?

The term of office for Executive positions shall be one (1) year and additional terms of office may be sought.

Where and When are the Council Meetings Held?

Meetings are held at the school, a minimum of four (4) times during the school year.  Additional meetings are held at the discretion of the Council.  Generally meeting are in the evenings on the first Monday of the month.  Child care is provided.

You are invited to declare your interest in participating in the Tredway Woodsworth School Council.  (Declaration form attached)

SAC AGM Nomination Sheet.docx


Stephanie Hancock Kuhn

Tredway Woodsworth Council Chair