School Council

School Advisory Council News/Conseil consultatif de l'école Nouvelles

We the Parent Council at Tredway-Woodsworth Public School, are here to extend ourselves in serving our community by establishing a meaningful relationship, building trust, and working together to create a healthier environment for our children. We celebrate & accept our cultural diversity and together, our goal is to integrate and focus on academics.


Parent Council email:

Calling all parents to join the school’s Facebook Group.  It’s a great way to:

- stay in touch
- ask questions
- be part of our school community.


Did you know that Tredway Woodsworth has a coat closet? 
We do indeed! If your child is in need of winter items, please let their teacher or the principal know and your child can visit the coat closet to get the items that are needed.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact your SAC.