Winter Guide

Winter Care

In Canada December 21st brings with it the official start of winter, this time of year can be a fun time and very beautiful and sometimes we can forget the hazards that come with this time of year.

Here at Tredway-Woodsworth the children have to be aware of the hazards that come with winter (ice, snow, early sunset) and traffic which has to contend with the worsening weather conditions.

With your help we can make Tredway-Woodsworth a healthy and safe place to be over the winter months.

Included with this notice is our winter handbook with lots of information for you and your child. Please do read this document and take a few minutes to discuss it with your child.

As a school we will reinforce winter safety with the children and will look at specific subjects including:

·         Slippery roads

·         Running on ice

·         Dressing for winter

We will also keep you informed of any unusual or extremely hazardous situations that we see or hear about.

Our concern is the safety of you and your children