Parking Lot

Safe Use of the Parking Lot/Utilisation Sûre du Parking


Like many schools, our parking lot can be a concern for student safety. As a school we talk to our students about this area and how to stay safe, but we also need your ongoing co-operation.

With the recent change to winter weather our concerns about safety in this area have become more important as driving has become more unpredictable.

While we would like to see as many students as possible walk to school when possible as it promotes a healthy active lifestyle we do recognize that there are occasions when driving to school is more practicable, and we ask that you continue to follow our parking lot routines for your safety and that of the students.

Our morning routine of the 'Kiss and Ride' system where you circle into the parking lot and drop your children in the designated 'safe zone' and move out of the area has being going very well. Along with the blanket ban on any vehicles entering the parking lot in the afternoon around dismissal time (2:30 pm onward) as indicated by the pylons.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support in these routines and the positive feedback on the use of the parking lot.

During these busy school times we ask you to limit your drop off and pick up points for your children to the school side of Sedgemount Drive, this should hopefully reduce the congestion that you all face. There is no stopping on the east side of Sedgemount, violations could result in ticketing by TPS Parking Enforcement.

We have taken advice and recommendations from the Toronto Police Services Parking Enforcement Unit on improving the safety and of the student population and the local community. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.